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NEW 07.11.2023 Products / Watering
Gardena AquaBloom Water Control

Where there’s a wilt there’s a way

Happy plants, happy holidays!
Going away for the holidays? We've got a few tips and tricks to keep your precious plants standing tall while you enjoy a well-deserved break.
NEW 12.10.2023 Products
Natural gardening with GARDENA

It’s a blooming good time to plant some flowers

October is the ideal time to plan out, prepare and plant your flower beds to ensure that you have a showstopper summer garden.

NEW 06.09.2023 Products
Gardena Garden & Maintenance Gloves

Bloom where you’re planted

There’s a gardener in everyone, and a garden waiting to take root in every space this spring.

Gardeners everywhere are returning to sow and plant, but what to do if you don’t have a large soil-and-lawn garden but feel the spirit of the season stirring in your heart?

NEW 23.08.2023 Products / Lawn Care
Gardena Fertiliser Spreader 18lt

Spring Tips for a Lush Summer Lawn

Give your lawn a little TLC now to make it summer-ready, ensuring it stays lush, green, and happy!

Get your lawn summer-ready now by showing it some love and care. By prepping it, you'll boost its resilience against pests, heat, and diseases, ensuring a lush, green garden centrepiece.

NEW 05.07.2023 Products / Tree and Shrub Care
Gardena ExpertCut Garden Secateurs

A cut above the rest

When pruning trees and shrubs, where you cut is as important as how you cut
Winter is the best time to prune deciduous trees and shrubs as they are dormant during this time. The risk of infection to the cuts are lower and the plantwill likely recover well. For best results, you should always use the right tools and be sure to make your cut in the right place.
NEW 21.06.2023 Products
Gardena Robotic Lawnmower Sileno Life 750

How to tend, love and care for your tools

Because they need some TLC too!
Winter is at hand and everyone is curled up, all warm and cosy.It's a time of conclusion but also preparation. In Gardenville, we cut back trees, prune hedges and move flowerpots into storage. But did you remember togive your trusty tools the care they need before they are put to use again in spring?
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