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Gardena SILENO robotic mowers

Digital natives long for a garden

Putting smart gardening into practice
A recent study by Gardena* shows that it’s not just passionate and experienced plant lovers who dream of a garden of their own. Both in large cities and elsewhere, young people are increasingly longing for somewhere green. As most people aged 25 to 34 see gardens primarily as a place to recharge, there’s also a growing interest in smart gardening tools that make garden upkeep easier.  
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Focusing on the future

Focusing on the future

Gardena is upbeat about the success of the sustainability programme “Sustainovate”
As part of the Husqvarna Group, Gardena is participating in the Group-wide sustainability programme “Sustainovate”. It has enjoyed great success, as shown by the interim assessment five years after the programme was first launched in 2015.
NEW 17.03.2021 New Products
The Pressure Sprayer 5 l Plus with nylon filter for straining home-made fertiliser infusions.

Sustainably protect, strengthen and water your plants

Tips and recipes for gentle plant care
Whether they’re inside your home, on your balcony or in your (large) garden – plants have always needed water, protection and care. However, to ensure that you tend to your plants in a contemporary, ecologically sound and optimal way, it is worth thinking about alternatives to watering cans and chemicals. It is both easy and cost-effective to find specific and sustainable solutions to the three aspects of proper plant care. 
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Together for clean water and hygiene

Together for clean water and hygiene

On World Water Day on 22 March: GARDENA continues partnership with UNICEF
Gardena has been supporting UNICEF's water, sanitation and hygiene programmes for children and families worldwide since 2018 — because every drop counts. The company has been running sales campaigns in support of UNICEF in Germany, France and Austria and for the first time will also expand to Switzerland and Spain this year to raise more funds.
NEW 09.03.2021 New Products
The new ClickUp! System

One click and you’re done – the new ClickUp! system

From an experiment to a new product line

GARDENA is always playing with new ideas to help passionate gardeners create the garden of their dreams. The question was raised if the decoration of gardens and patios should be part of that. An experiment led to the creation of ClickUp!, a modern system that can be individually adapted to suit your lifestyle. The system features a stand with a range of attachments and a wide variety of year-round uses. Martin Rauch, GARDENA’s Brand Design director, gives more insight into the development of the ClickUp! system.

NEW 09.03.2021 New Products
GAR_2021_Doing something good for the environment and your wallet

Doing something good for the environment and your wallet

Moving from a throwaway society towards a sustainable consumer culture
Consumer behaviour is changing, becoming more aware and sustainable. This is leading to a necessary transformation in the prevalent consumerist culture. In this culture, many products are used for ever shorter periods before being disposed of, with dire consequences for humanity and the environment. In this context, the EU Ecodesign Directive will place greater obligations onto manufacturers. Gardena is using a suite of measures to help make consumer behaviour more sustainable in the garden.  
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