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NEW 20.08.2019 Seasonal / Summer

Easy-care survival experts

Counter the effects of the midsummer sun with heat-resistant plants
In future, garden owners can reckon with increasingly hot, dry and sunny summers. Yet whilst native plants start to wilt during prolonged hot spells, exotic sun worshippers begin to thrive. They require little water – also whilst you are on holiday.
NEW 30.07.2019 Seasonal / Autumn

Discovering the world in your garden

Perceiving green areas with all your senses
Seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling and even listening – a garden of the senses takes all sensory organs into account. It can sharpen childrens’ senses and open up fundamental experiences to them. For adults, it is a place of calm or a meeting point. For older people, a garden frequently evokes memories.
NEW 24.07.2019 Trade

Excellent digital ideas for the garden

The GARDENA garden award for innovative startups will be presented for the first time in Cologne at the trade fair spoga+gafa
For the first time this year, the GARDENA garden award, in partnership with koelnmesse and the the German DIY and Building Trade Association (BHB), honors innovative entrepreneurs and founders who have an eye on sustainable solutions for the future of the "digital garden". As a media partner, the trade magazine “diy” is there. The award ceremony will take place in Cologne on 2 September 2019 at the spoga+gafa trade fair, the world's largest garden fair.
NEW 22.07.2019 New Products / Watering

Study showcases: Richer harvest and healthier plants through automatic irrigation

A study conducted by the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences on behalf of Gardena shows that the use of automatic irrigation leads to a more efficient use of water, a richer harvest and healthier plants.
NEW 16.07.2019 Seasonal / Summer

Welcome to the outdoor-living room

Enjoy your leisure time to the full and fill up on energy
Deceleration, natural surroundings, the joy of life – “green living rooms” have a lot to offer! In the summer months, garden owners can use their patio for sociable gatherings in the evenings, or to relax.
NEW 26.06.2019 Seasonal / Summer

Clever Irrigation Tips

Eight tips for efficient and healthy irrigation of plants
Proper irrigation of plants leads to healthy growth, better harvests and, above all, avoids plant diseases. Although each plant has its own requirements, there are a few simple rules and tips that will help you to water beds and potted plants better. 
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Top releases

Hey Siri, please water my garden!
Gardena smart system announces support for Apple HomeKit – also already owned devices can be integrated soon. The Smart Home extends to a Smart Garden. Gardena’s smart garden irrigation is made to save time, ensures an efficient use of the precious resource water and helps to make plants healthier for a rich harvest. Be smart and have Siri water your garden!

New products for the season 2019
The main themes of the brand, namely irrigation, classic garden tools and, above all, battery technology, are being consistently pushed forward with extensions to the product range.