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NEW 14.01.2021 Trade
Repairability: Lawnmowers in the green range at Gardena

Repairability: Lawnmowers in the green range at Gardena

Electric and cordless lawnmowers of the PowerMax model series and SILENO robotic lawnmowers rated according to the new French reparability index
NEW 04.01.2021 Trade
Gardena closes the last gap in green electricity

Gardena closes the last gap in green electricity

Now 100% electricity from renewable energy sources
With the beginning of the new year 2021, Gardena has closed the last gap and all Gardena locations are supplied exclusively with electricity from renewable energy sources.
NEW 01.12.2020 Seasonal / Winter
Plan your garden

Ideas for the green paradise

Already plan your garden for the upcoming season in winter
As soon as there is frost and snow outside, it is the best time to start planning for the next garden season. If you follow a few basic rules, you can turn your garden into a real gem.
Pruning lavender

Cutting in later seasons

Promoting growth and flowering by cutting back your plants
Whether light pruning, shaping, preservation or deadwood cutting, plants have to be cut back even in autumn and winter. In this way, for example, wild shoots are pruned back on shrubs which have been left to grow unattended. Your plants will show their gratitude in spring through good growth and many flowers.
NEW 08.09.2020 New Products / Soil and Ground
Using the natural cycle

Leaves – too valuable for organic waste

Information worth knowing about brightly-coloured autumn leaves
In autumn, the organic waste bins are full to bursting. And the compost, too, is frequently overflowing with large quantities of accumulated leaves. They cannot stay on the lawn, as the grass under them can suffocate and rot. And yet we can do quite a lot of things with foliage: they can act as frost protection for garden beds, or offer beneficial small animals a pleasant refuge for the winter. Leaves are an important raw material for the formation of humus.
NEW 02.09.2020 Trade
The winner 2020: Malcom Hammer, Founder of Compost Urbain (Paris)

Compost Urbain wins GARDENA garden award

The award was presented for the second time this year as part of a live digital broadcast
Compost Urbain prevailed in the final and was chosen by the jury as the winner of this year's GARDENA garden award. This is awarded to innovative entrepreneurs, inventors and founders who have sustainable solutions for the future of the “digital garden” in mind.
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