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NEW 05.02.2024 Corporate

Gardena strengthens market positions and operating income

Despite a challenging economic environment and declining sales, Gardena manages to strengthen its market position and operating income.
NEW 23.01.2024 Corporate
Pär Åström to leave Husqvarna Group and Gardena

Pär Åström to leave Husqvarna Group and Gardena

Pär Åström, President Gardena Division, will leave Husqvarna Group by the end of June. He has decided to accept a career opportunity outside the company and will return to Sweden with his family for this purpose.
NEW 11.01.2024 Products / Watering
GARDENA Blind Brush

Quick and convenient cleaning

Gentle cleaning for all surfaces

After the cold and wet winter months, the house and garden are due a spring clean. Blinds, garden furniture and patios can be sparkling in no time with water and battery power.


NEW 01.12.2023 Products
GARDENA combisystem

Clearing the way

Non-slip paths are a must to enjoy the snow

Winter is bringing snow in many regions. To ensure that young and old can enjoy the snowy landscape as safely as possible, the sidewalks around the property should be cleared. With the right helpers, clearing them of white snow is not an arduous task and is also environmentally friendly.

NEW 31.10.2023 Products
Autumn maintenance for woody plants with GARDENA StarCut 410 Plus

A healthy garden – one trim at a time

Autumn maintenance for woody plants

Both literally and figuratively, gardeners often have their hands full in autumn. The end of the growing season heralds the best time to cut back woody plants. Pruning rejuvenates hedges, trees, and shrubs, allowing them to spring back with strong growth, plentiful flowers, and dense foliage. However, the open wounds left on branches can be an entry point for rot and fungal diseases. As such, it’s important to ensure a clean cut by using the right pruning tool.

NEW 24.08.2023 Corporate
Gardena launches a new organization

Gardena launches a new organization

A challenging first half of the year leads to a slight decline in sales for Gardena, but at the same time also enables the introduction of a forward-looking organizational structure
In the first half of 2023, sales of Gardena Division were slightly down at 9,351 Swedish kronor (911 million euros) compared to 9,735 Swedish kronor (930 million euros) in the same period of the previous year. At the end of 2022, Gardena had reported a significant increase in sales to 13,606 Swedish kronor (1,280 million euros) thanks to the expansion of its business in North America.
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