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NEW 24.03.2021 Products / Lawn Care
GARDENA Leaf and Grass Collector

Collecting leaves has never been easier thanks to the new GARDENA Leaf Collector

Take the effort out of collecting your leaves this autumn with GARDENA.
Leading gardening specialist, GARDENA has launched an all-new Leaf and Grass Collector to make autumn gardening tasks easier.
NEW 24.03.2021 Products
GARDENA ClickUp! InsectHotel

ClickUp! all year round with GARDENA

The new GARDENA ClickUp! System
The new GARDENA ClickUp! is a flexible system for the garden that offers decorative elements all year long whilst helping protect species. A handle, different attachments and a whole host of possibilities to individualize your outdoor living space.

NEW 24.03.2021 Products
GARDENA Gardening Gloves

Gardeners get to grips with the all new GARDENA gardening gloves

Specialist gardening brand, GARDENA launch leading gardening gloves
Gardeners can now enjoy optimal comfort, fresh designs, clever features and non-toxic materials with their gardening gloves with GARDENA’s all new design technology.
NEW 24.03.2021 Products / Soil and Ground
GARDENA Weed Puller

Control weeds effectively and without chemicals with GARDENA

Specialist gardening brand, GARDENA launches weed removal tools.
Year upon year, gardeners invest a lot of time and effort in removing weeds from their garden beds, lawns and paved areas.

To make this de-weeding process easier, GARDENA have designed a range of clever tools to make manual de-weeding easier and less labour.
NEW 24.03.2021 Products / Watering
GARDENA Water Control Bluetooth

Secure your garden connection with GARDENA

Get smart and secure with GARDENA’s new Bluetooth connection.
GARDENA is beginning a new chapter and offering garden owners a comfortable solution for operating individual devices in their garden from a short distance via the GARDENA app and Bluetooth technology.
NEW 24.03.2021 Products / Watering
GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor

Get optimal watering with GARDENA's Soil Moisture Sensor

The new GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor
With the GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor, garden owners can easily ensure optimal watering of their plants whilst saving water. If there’s already sufficient moisture in the soil, excessive irrigation is avoided resulting in healthy plants and a rich harvest.
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