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NEW 31.08.2022 Novelties
GARDENA Micro-Drip-System

New products for the season 2023

Flowering gardens instead of stone deserts or urban greenery instead of concrete surfaces – green spaces mean life and quality of life. The more, the better for everyone – people, animals and nature. With its new products for the 2023 gardening season, GARDENA helps passionate gardeners to create, maintain and preserve green oases. With products for the efficient use of water for garden and home, sustainable gardening tools and a range of pruners for all those who grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs, whether in the countryside or on a city balcony.

NEW 31.08.2022 Novelties
GARDENA EcoLine Hose

The garden hose made from recycled material

The new GARDENA EcoLine Hose
The GARDENA EcoLine product family has impressed retailers and consumers alike since its launch in 2022. The new EcoLine is a range of high-quality gardening tools made with a high proportion of recycled materials, making it the resource-saving choice for passionate gardeners. The 2023 gardening year will continue with the new EcoLine Hose as a new addition.
NEW 31.08.2022 Novelties
GARDENA Micro-Drip-System

Intelligent and economical watering tailored to your needs

The new GARDENA Micro-Drip-System
Gardening enthusiasts get beautiful, healthy plants and a lush harvest with precise and even watering. The GARDENA Micro-Drip-System brings the water drop by drop directly to the roots where it is absorbed by the plants. With a completely revised structure and improved individual components, the popular system starts the new gardening season.
NEW 31.08.2022 Novelties
GARDENA garden pump 6500 SilentComfort

Watering the garden with own water reserves

The new low-noise GARDENA garden pumps
With the new GARDENA garden pumps, plants can be watered in a resource-saving way and, depending on the model, fully automatically. The range has been completely revised and now offers extremely quiet pumps which, for the first time, can also be operated and automated via Bluetooth. Thanks to efficient hydraulics, water can be pumped from wells, cisterns or water butts powerfully yet with low electricity costs.
NEW 31.08.2022 Novelties
GARDENA Sprinklersystem

Like a light summer rain on the lawn

The GARDENA Sprinklersystem

With the underground GARDENA Sprinklersystem, garden owners can ensure that their lawns are always optimally watered. The new Pop-up Sprinklers are impressively simple to install and operate, consume water efficiently and distribute the water quantity very evenly over the area.

NEW 31.08.2022 Novelties
GARDENA Textile Hose Liano Xtreme 34

For the rough side of gardening life

The new GARDENA Textile Hose Liano range

Tough – flexible – lightweight – Liano. One model now becomes an entire Liano product family with new textile hoses for different requirements. Their flexible use makes them suitable for watering large gardens or for plants on balconies and terraces.

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