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NEW 16.09.2021 Seasonal
The Gardena combisystem Fruit Collector

Strengthened into the winter

Environmentally friendly ways to winter-proof your garden

There’s a saying in professional sports: “After the season is before the season”. The same holds true for home gardeners. If you gently and attentively prepare your garden for winter in October and November, you are bound to enjoy your plants all the more in the coming season.

NEW 31.08.2021 Seasonal / Spring
GARDENA EcoLine range

Sustainable gardening – a natural choice

The new GARDENA EcoLine range

Watering products and hand-held tools from the new GARDENA EcoLine range are the natural choice for passionate gardeners. They are sustainably made with recycled materials and impress gardeners with their uncompromising quality, high durability, attractive design and ultimate ease of use.

NEW 31.08.2021 Seasonal
GARDENA smart SILENO Robotic Lawnmower with LONA technology

A new intelligent approach to mowing

The new GARDENA smart SILENO Robotic Lawnmower with LONA technology
The smart GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower is gearing up for the future. The new LONA technology will open up a wealth of possibilities for the user from the 2022 season – including GPS-based navigation, individual zone management and real-time position determination in the smart App.
NEW 31.08.2021 Seasonal / Spring
GARDENA Water Meter AquaCount

Watering gardens with measured care

The GARDENA AquaCount range
Even experienced gardeners can misjudge the right amount of water that their plants need. The new GARDENA Water Meter AquaCount helps you to water precisely with the right amount and save water, since every drop counts.
NEW 31.08.2021 Seasonal / Spring
GARDENA Liano Hose Storage TapFix

The clever way to store

The new GARDENA Liano Hose Storage TapFix
Choosing the Liano textile hose means choosing flexibility. This also now holds true even when the hose isn't being used, thanks to the new Liano Hose Storage TapFix. It can be attached to an outdoor tap in just a few simple steps with no need for any tools, and is an ideal space-saving solution for storing the hose.
NEW 31.08.2021 Seasonal / Spring
GARDENA Pipeline Garden Water Tap

The underground garden water network

GARDENA Pipeline

If water is needed in different areas of the garden, the GARDENA Pipeline offers the ideal solution. New watering accessories, such as a tap and a sprinkler, make the whole system even more appealing to garden lovers.

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