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GARDENA Garden and Wall-Mounted Hose Boxes RollUp © GARDENA

Available with a 15 or 20 metre hose, the new GARDENA Garden Hose Box RollUp can be placed wherever you like in your garden as it simply fixes into the ground.

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GARDENA will also expand all product groups with numerous innovations in the 2021 season. From the modern Lifestyle System, new battery-powered tools to the smallest Robotic Lawnmower - Gardena again offers a host of new, innovative products and systems that will make the hearts of all garden lovers beat faster.

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ClickUp! is the new modern lifestyle system for the garden. One handle, different attachments and a whole host of possibilities. So you can individually design your outdoor living space all year round. Among the battery-powered devices, GARDENA presents the new AquaClean 24/18V Battery Medium-Pressure Washer. It requires neither a power source nor a fixed water connection and is always ready for mobile use wherever it is needed. In the lawn care and irrigation category there will be new products with Bluetooth® technology, such as the new SILENO minimo Robotic Lawnmower.

Garden lifestyle all year round
The new GARDENA ClickUp! System

Roll-up for innovation
The new GARDENA Garden and Wall-Mounted Hose Boxes RollUp

Saving water easily
The new GARDENA smart Sensor

As much as necessary, as little as possible
The new GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor

Powerfully moving water
The new GARDENA Clear and Dirty Water Submersible Pumps

Secure connection at a short distance
The new GARDENA products with Bluetooth technology

Small but mighty robotic lawnmower with Bluetooth connection
The new GARDENA SILENO minimo Robotic Lawnmower

The mobile powerhouse for quick cleaning
The new GARDENA Battery Medium-Pressure Washer AquaClean 24/18 V

Cut like a true professional gardener
The new GARDENA Garden Secateurs ExpertCut

Control weeds effectively, without chemicals
The new GARDENA Weed Removal tools

Plant care for the home and garden
The new GARDENA Pump and Pressure Sprayers

All in hand
The new GARDENA Gardening Gloves

About Gardena
For over 50 years Gardena has provided everything passionate gardeners need. The broad assortment of products offers innovative solutions and systems for watering, lawn care, tree and shrub care and soil cultivation. Today, Gardena is a leading European supplier of high-quality gardening tools and distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide. Gardena is a brand of Husqvarna Group. Gardena Division has 3,450 employees worldwide. Further information on gardena.com.
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GARDENA Garden and Wall-Mounted Hose Boxes RollUp
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