The quick solution for clean joints

The new GARDENA Battery Weed Brush EasyWeed 1800/18V P4A

GARDENA Battery Weed Brush EasyWeed 1800/18V P4A © GARDENA

With the new GARDENA Battery Weed Brush EasyWeed 1800/18V P4A, property owners can remove wild growth from paving joints conveniently, quickly and without the use of chemicals.

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Against unwanted dirt and greenery in joints, the new GARDENA Battery Weed Brush EasyWeed 1800/18V P4A is a big performer. It cleans very precisely without the use of chemicals, simply and effortlessly at the touch of a button.

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Moss and other deposits in paving joints look unsightly. Especially on garden paths and the driveway in front of the house they upset the harmonious image of a well-kept property. However, unwanted wild growth is often extremely persistent and difficult to remove. Cleaning the joints by hand is a laborious and time-consuming task. If you don't want to be on your knees getting rid of weeds, and you don't want to use a large flame or chemicals to do the job, you can use the new GARDENA Battery Weed Brush EasyWeed 1800/18V P4A.

The GARDENA Battery Weed Brush is ideal for use in the garden and around the house. With this handy and powerful device, garden lovers can clean joints within a very short time without the need for laborious manual work. Dirt and deposits are simply brushed out of the joint.

Fast, precise and controlled

The lightweight device has a height-adjustable shaft, so it can be easily adapted to the height of the user. The ergonomically shaped handle and the additional front handle make handling particularly comfortable. The LED display in the handle shows the remaining state of charge during use.

Precise and clean work is particularly easy courtesy of the slim design of the device, which allows you to keep an eye on the joint and brush at all times. A marking line on the housing further simplifies the precise positioning of the brush. The guide wheel makes handling easier and relieves strain on the user. The dirt trap and protective flap ensure a clean working environment. The Steel Wire Weed Brush is suitable for non-sensitive surfaces and narrow joints. For scratch-sensitive surfaces, use of the Nylon Weed Brush with softer bristles is recommended.

The individual speed control of the Battery Weed Brush is particularly practical. This allows you to gently clean sensitive areas with fewer revolutions of the brush. If more power is required, it goes to work at up to 1,800 revolutions per minute.

The battery that always fits

The new Battery Weed Brush is the solution for weed removal in the Power for All Alliance1. It is powered by the 18V system battery. This fits into a wide range of other gardening tools from GARDENA, but can also be used across brands in more than 100 products for more than 100 different applications in home and garden. That’s good for the environment, cuts costs and saves space. It also means that incompatible batteries and battery chargers are a thing of the past.

1 Power for All Alliance is one of the largest cross-brand 18V battery systems from leading manufacturers worldwide, providing solutions for the whole home. www.powerforall-alliance.com.

GARDENA Battery Weed Brush
EasyWeed 1800/18V P4A

For thorough cleaning of joints in paving and slabs without hurting your back 

  • Height-adjustable shaft
  • Large, adjustable front handle
  • Guide wheel for stable working
  • A marking line indicates the “brush centre” for perfect brush positioning
  • Splash guard
  • Replaceable brush
  • Incl. Steel Wire Weed Brush
  • Individually adjustable speed (700-1,800 rpm)
  • Maximum running time 40 minutes
  • Weight: 2,2 kg (excluding battery)
  • LED charging level indicator
  • 3-year warranty after registration2
  • System Battery P4A PBA 18V/36, charger

GARDENA Steel Wire Weed Brush

Accessories for the Battery Weed Brush EasyWeed 1800/18V P4A 

  • With hard steel wire bristles
  • For insensitive surfaces

GARDENA Nylon Weed Brush

Accessories for the Battery Weed Brush EasyWeed 1800/18V P4A 

  • With sturdy nylon bristles
  • For scratch-sensitive surfaces

2After registration at gardena.com/registration within 3 months after purchase. Batteries and chargers (if sold with the product) are excluded. Warranty conditions at gardena.com/warranty.

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GARDENA Battery Weed Brush EasyWeed 180018V P4A
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GARDENA Battery Weed Brush EasyWeed 180018V P4A
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