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NEW 01.12.2023 Seasonal / Winter
GARDENA combisystem

Clearing the way

Non-slip paths are a must to enjoy the snow

Winter is bringing snow in many regions. To ensure that young and old can enjoy the snowy landscape as safely as possible, the sidewalks around the property should be cleared. With the right helpers, clearing them of white snow is not an arduous task and is also environmentally friendly.

NEW 07.10.2022 Seasonal / Winter
Clever storage solution of the garden tools with GARDENA

Winter care for garden tools

How to look after garden tools so they are ready for the spring

Gardens need to be prepared for the winter months before the first frost. This involves cutting back trees, pruning hedges, moving flower pots and garden furniture into storage, and covering beds with leaves and branches to protect the plants from the wind and rain. And it is just as important to take good care of the trusty tools used in the garden, so they can be put to use again the following year.

NEW 31.08.2022 Seasonal / Winter
GARDENA cutting range

Easy harvesting and care for herbs and vegetables

Easy harvesting and care for herbs and vegetables

Growing your own herbs, fruit and vegetables is not just a steadily growing trend, it is also sustainable and healthy. What's more, because of rising food prices, self-sufficiency in herbs, fruit and vegetables is a real alternative to the supermarket. New cutting tools ensure that harvesting is easy.

NEW 31.08.2022 Seasonal / Winter
GARDENA combisystem Berry Picker

The family of tools continues to grow

GARDENA combisystem Berry Picker, Branch Hook, Tool Rack Flex and Tool Rack Plus

The combisystem is a true classic in the GARDENA range and offers the right handle-tool combination for almost every application in the garden. Now the system has been extended by two more attachments and the tool racks have been fundamentally revised. They now offer many new storage options.

NEW 09.11.2021 Seasonal / Winter
Its time for a garden party

Who cares if the nights are drawing in? It’s time for a garden party!

Being a perfect party host is just a click away
Visitors – both human and animal – are what make a garden thrive. That’s even more reason make sure that guests of all species will feel at home and enjoy a feast for the senses even in the cooler months. The GARDENA ClickUp! System allows gardens to be easily transformed to suit every season, guest and event. A range of different attachments can be easily and securely added to the sturdy handle with a single click – and swapped out just as quickly. Autumn and winter are the perfect time to add warming light sources and provide tasty snacks for animal visitors.
NEW 23.09.2021 Seasonal / Winter
The Gardena StarCut 410

Cut a fine figure in the garden

The right shears for every situation

The temperatures are falling, and the gardening season is slowly coming to an end. Now it is time to prepare trees and shrubs for winter rest and cut them back for proper care. The Gardena shears enable hobby gardeners to have a perfectly trimmed garden that others can only dream of.

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