Green resilience in the face of climate change

Gardens will need to be more resilient than ever going forward

Green resilience in the face of climate change © GARDENA

Natural green spaces with an intact ecosystem are better placed to cope with climate change. Gardeners can do their bit by taking good care of their gardens and maintaining a responsible routine that involves collecting water and using smart technology for efficient watering.

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Climate change is having an impact on the weather all around the world, with heavy rainfall, drought and heat waves becoming more and more widespread. Green spaces need to be able to cope with these weather events and adapt to the changing environmental conditions if they are going to survive. They need to be resilient, which involves being adaptable and able to spring back after isolated instances of extreme weather.

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If gardens are equipped to handle these extreme conditions, they can support their surroundings and fulfil important functions to counteract climate change and human behaviour. Green spaces filter particulates from the air, store CO2, absorb water and take the pressure off the drainage system when there is heavy rain. They also cool down their surroundings on hot days through evaporation, reducing heat and supporting the microclimate. There are so many compelling reasons for creating as many green spaces as possible – and looking after them in the long term. Green spaces also support biodiversity by providing a home to many animals.  And it is not just the big public spaces like parks and verges that have a part to play.Gardens, balconies, and patios on private property – and even smaller contributions like balcony boxes – can help to build resilience in the face of climate change.

Introducing a new water strategy

Water, the elixir of life for people, animals, and plants, is not readily available without fail anymore. Any water shortage can have serious consequences in nature, on farms and in private green spaces. Soil and plants dry out without precious water, meaning that rain can no longer be absorbed and released. The water supply has to be handled with great care because a sudden excess of water can be just as damaging as a shortage.

Gardens need to become more resilient if they are going to keep fulfilling the same functions in the future. Water should be stored in gardens, with measures in place to minimise the risk of it flowing away and causing erosion. It is also important to promote biodiversity, with plants, animals and soil all being essential parts of a strong ecosystem.

During this gardening season, Gardena is on hand with tips and inspiration for making gardens resilient and adaptable:

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Find more ideas for natural gardening in the GARDENA e-book Sustainable gardening: tips and inspiration for colourful biodiversity, and more information on efficient water use in the Gardena e-book Clever watering and at www.gardena.com/cleverwatering.

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Green resilience in the face of climate change
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