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NEW 04.06.2024 Seasonal / Autumn
Happy Harvesting

Happy harvesting

Grow your own with the right tools to help

After gardeners have spent the spring and summer months sowing, tending, and watering, it is finally time for them to harvest the fruits of their labour. With clever tools to help, gardeners should have no problem collecting sweet fruit and crunchy veg whether it has been growing up in a tree, down in a bed or in a prickly bush.

NEW 31.10.2023 Seasonal / Autumn
Autumn maintenance for woody plants with GARDENA StarCut 410 Plus

A healthy garden – one trim at a time

Autumn maintenance for woody plants

Both literally and figuratively, gardeners often have their hands full in autumn. The end of the growing season heralds the best time to cut back woody plants. Pruning rejuvenates hedges, trees, and shrubs, allowing them to spring back with strong growth, plentiful flowers, and dense foliage. However, the open wounds left on branches can be an entry point for rot and fungal diseases. As such, it’s important to ensure a clean cut by using the right pruning tool.

NEW 31.08.2022 Seasonal / Autumn
GARDENA cutting range

Easy harvesting and care for herbs and vegetables

Easy harvesting and care for herbs and vegetables

Growing your own herbs, fruit and vegetables is not just a steadily growing trend, it is also sustainable and healthy. What's more, because of rising food prices, self-sufficiency in herbs, fruit and vegetables is a real alternative to the supermarket. New cutting tools ensure that harvesting is easy.

NEW 31.08.2022 Seasonal / Autumn
GARDENA combisystem Berry Picker

The family of tools continues to grow

GARDENA combisystem Berry Picker, Branch Hook, Tool Rack Flex and Tool Rack Plus

The combisystem is a true classic in the GARDENA range and offers the right handle-tool combination for almost every application in the garden. Now the system has been extended by two more attachments and the tool racks have been fundamentally revised. They now offer many new storage options.

NEW 31.08.2022 Seasonal / Autumn
GARDENA AssistCut Battery supported secateurs

Extra power for impressive cuts

The new GARDENA AssistCut battery supported secateurs
It is important to trim your plants regularly to ensure that they grow healthily. That is why secateurs are probably one of the most important tools that a gardener can have. The new GARDENA AssistCut secateurs support in this task by providing the necessary extra power whenever it is needed, allowing even the thickest branches to be cut with ease.
NEW 31.08.2022 Seasonal / Autumn
GARDENA Battery Telescopic Pruning Lopper  HighCut 36018V P4A

Comfortable pruning at the touch of a button

The new GARDENA Battery Pruning Loppers

Pruning is an annual task that is necessary for maintaining the shape and vitality of trees and shrubs or to lay the foundations for a rich harvest. When the branches become thicker, pruning can require strenuous effort, especially if it also involves reaching up high. With the new Battery Pruning Loppers, the only effort that will be required in future will be a simple touch of a button.

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