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NEW 16.09.2021 Products / Lawn Care
The Gardena combisystem Fruit Collector

Strengthened into the winter

Environmentally friendly ways to winter-proof your garden

There’s a saying in professional sports: “After the season is before the season”. The same holds true for home gardeners. If you gently and attentively prepare your garden for winter in October and November, you are bound to enjoy your plants all the more in the coming season.

NEW 31.08.2021 Products / Lawn Care
GARDENA smart SILENO Robotic Lawnmower with LONA technology

A new intelligent approach to mowing

The new GARDENA smart SILENO Robotic Lawnmower with LONA technology
The smart GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower is gearing up for the future. The new LONA technology will open up a wealth of possibilities for the user from the 2022 season – including GPS-based navigation, individual zone management and real-time position determination in the smart App.
NEW 09.03.2021 Products / Lawn Care
GAR_2021_Doing something good for the environment and your wallet

Doing something good for the environment and your wallet

Moving from a throwaway society towards a sustainable consumer culture
Consumer behaviour is changing, becoming more aware and sustainable. This is leading to a necessary transformation in the prevalent consumerist culture. In this culture, many products are used for ever shorter periods before being disposed of, with dire consequences for humanity and the environment. In this context, the EU Ecodesign Directive will place greater obligations onto manufacturers. Gardena is using a suite of measures to help make consumer behaviour more sustainable in the garden.  
NEW 04.08.2020 Products / Lawn Care
The new GARDENA products with Bluetooth technology

Secure connection at a short distance

The new GARDENA products with Bluetooth technology
With its new products featuring Bluetooth technology, GARDENA is beginning a new chapter and offering garden owners a comfortable solution for operating individual devices in their garden from a short distance via app.

NEW 04.08.2020 Products / Lawn Care
The new GARDENA SILENO Minimo Lawnmower

Small but mighty robotic lawnmower with Bluetooth connection

The new GARDENA SILENO minimo Robotic Lawnmower
In 2021, GARDENA is adding to its family of robotic lawnmowers with the SILENO minimo. One of the smallest GARDENA Robotic Lawnmowers, it is every inch on par with its larger counterparts. The SILENO minimo is one of the new GARDENA Bluetooth products that can be connected to a smartphone in close range and conveniently operated via an app.

NEW 13.05.2020 Products / Lawn Care
Nutrition for insects

Preserving biodiversity in flora and fauna

Nature-orientated garden and balcony design for beneficial insects
Pollen and nectar represent important sources of nutrition for many insects such as honey bees or numerous varieties of wild bees. And yet what do bees and bumblebees need in your garden? Without a lot of effort, anyone can provide flowering ornamental plants, grasses and herbs or a wild flower meadow so that these useful insects can find food. It is also possible to provide them with shelter – for example in dry-stone walls and deadwood hedges.
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