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NEW 31.08.2021 Products / smart system
GARDENA smart SILENO Robotic Lawnmower with LONA technology

A new intelligent approach to mowing

The new GARDENA smart SILENO Robotic Lawnmower with LONA technology
The smart GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower is gearing up for the future. The new LONA technology will open up a wealth of possibilities for the user from the 2022 season – including GPS-based navigation, individual zone management and real-time position determination in the smart App.
NEW 08.04.2021 Products / smart system
Gardena SILENO robotic mowers

Digital natives long for a garden

Putting smart gardening into practice
A recent study by Gardena* shows that it’s not just passionate and experienced plant lovers who dream of a garden of their own. Both in large cities and elsewhere, young people are increasingly longing for somewhere green. As most people aged 25 to 34 see gardens primarily as a place to recharge, there’s also a growing interest in smart gardening tools that make garden upkeep easier.  
NEW 09.03.2021 Products / smart system
GAR_2021_Doing something good for the environment and your wallet

Doing something good for the environment and your wallet

Moving from a throwaway society towards a sustainable consumer culture
Consumer behaviour is changing, becoming more aware and sustainable. This is leading to a necessary transformation in the prevalent consumerist culture. In this culture, many products are used for ever shorter periods before being disposed of, with dire consequences for humanity and the environment. In this context, the EU Ecodesign Directive will place greater obligations onto manufacturers. Gardena is using a suite of measures to help make consumer behaviour more sustainable in the garden.  
NEW 04.08.2020 Products / smart system
The new GARDENA smart Sensor

Saving water easily

The new GARDENA smart Sensor
The new GARDENA smart Sensor enables efficient irrigation in the garden. It determines soil moisture and temperature and adjusts the scheduled automatic irrigation in the smart system. Irrigation is only carried out as and when necessary, preventing excessive watering. This results in healthier plants and a richer harvest.

NEW 29.06.2020 Products / smart system
Watering your garden is now even smarter with weather data

Watering your garden is now even smarter with weather data

With the latest update of the app for the GARDENA smart system, the local weather forecast is taken into account when planning irrigation
With GARDENA smart system, watering your garden can be automated and conveniently controlled from anywhere, so the plants are well looked after at all times. At the same time, the efficient use of water as a resource is ensured by intelligent control.
NEW 09.01.2019 Products / smart system
Hey Siri, please water my garden!

Hey Siri, please water my garden!

Gardena smart system works with Apple HomeKit. New and already-owned devices can soon connect to HomeKit and be controlled using Siri and the Apple Home app.
Gardena smart system announces support for Apple HomeKit – also already owned devices can be integrated soon. The Smart Home extends to a Smart Garden. Gardena’s smart garden irrigation is made to save time, ensures an efficient use of the precious resource water and helps to make plants healthier for a rich harvest. Be smart and have Siri water your garden!
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