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NEW 30.04.2024 Products / smart system
Gardening knowledge update

Gardening knowledge update

Smart and efficient gardening

Gardening may be a manual activity, but apps and smart technology can help gardeners to understand and look after their gardens. They can access information digitally, use local data and even get invaluable support with gardening tasks.

NEW 30.05.2023 Products / smart system
GARDENA smart system

Green fingers made smart

Networked maintenance and irrigation for a resilient garden bursting with life

Gardens and green spaces improve the quality of life – in urban areas and beyond. But people often struggle to fit the maintenance into their daily routine. And extreme weather conditions like droughts1 are putting these ecosystems under pressure too. So what is the most efficient way of giving a garden what it needs in these circumstances?



NEW 29.03.2023 Products / smart system
GARDENA watering solutions

Spontaneous or scheduled watering?

Watering tips for different types of gardeners and plants

Plants brighten up the world around them but they also filter the air, provide shade, store CO2, regulate the temperature naturally and give gardeners and animals their own safe haven.

NEW 15.03.2023 Products / smart system
Gardena SILENO with LONA technology

Gardena smart system now supports Google Home

Networked all around – lawn care and irrigation now easily controlled via Google Home

From now on, garden owners can also control their devices in the home and garden via Google Home. New as well as existing devices can be integrated into the ecosystem. This enables synchronised watering and lawn care, lighting of the garden or the use of other smart devices.

NEW 13.12.2022 Products / smart system
GARDENA smart Sensor with automatic irrigation control

Planning a garden for water efficiency

Making gardens resilient against dry spells and climate change

Gardens, patios and balconies with a lot of greenery and a wide array of plants make a valuable contribution to the environment. If cared for properly, these outdoor spaces can be appreciated greatly by people, animals and plants. As the summer months become drier and drier, it is all the more important to use water responsibly. There are so many ways to facilitate natural cycles.

NEW 07.10.2022 Products / smart system
Clever storage solution of the garden tools with GARDENA

Winter care for garden tools

How to look after garden tools so they are ready for the spring

Gardens need to be prepared for the winter months before the first frost. This involves cutting back trees, pruning hedges, moving flower pots and garden furniture into storage, and covering beds with leaves and branches to protect the plants from the wind and rain. And it is just as important to take good care of the trusty tools used in the garden, so they can be put to use again the following year.

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