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NEW 08.09.2020 New Products / Soil and Ground

Leaves – too valuable for organic waste

Information worth knowing about brightly-coloured autumn leaves
In autumn, the organic waste bins are full to bursting. And the compost, too, is frequently overflowing with large quantities of accumulated leaves. They cannot stay on the lawn, as the grass under them can suffocate and rot. And yet we can do quite a lot of things with foliage: they can act as frost protection for garden beds, or offer beneficial small animals a pleasant refuge for the winter. Leaves are an important raw material for the formation of humus.
NEW 04.08.2020 New Products / Soil and Ground

Control weeds effectively, without chemicals

The new GARDENA Weed Removal tools
Year upon year, garden owners invest a lot of time and effort in freeing their garden beds, lawns and paved areas from weeds. GARDENA’s clever tools for manual weed removal are set to make this a little easier in the future.

NEW 04.08.2020 New Products / Soil and Ground

All in hand

The new GARDENA Gardening Gloves
Optimal functionality and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. GARDENA is proving exactly this with its revised range of gardening gloves. All five models impress with their optimal comfort, fresh designs, clever features and non-toxic materials.

NEW 04.08.2020 New Products / Soil and Ground

The effortless way to collect leaves

The new GARDENA Leaf- and Grass Collector – already available from autumn 2020
The new GARDENA Leaf and Grass Collector makes it easy. Autumn leaves on the lawn, on paths and on driveways can be removed quickly. Without a motor. This makes gardening really fun.
NEW 01.07.2020 New Products / Soil and Ground

The mobile powerhouse for quick cleaning

The new GARDENA Battery Medium-Pressure Washer AquaClean 24/18 V

The new GARDENA Battery Medium-Pressure Washer AquaClean 24/18 V is the flexible solution for fast and thorough cleaning outdoors. Powerful, easy to operate and ready for use wherever it is needed thanks to 18 V battery power.

NEW 23.08.2019 New Products / Soil and Ground

Clear your garden fast

The new GARDENA PowerJet Li-18 battery blower

Whether it's annoying autumn leaves on lawns and paved areas or dirt and soil in joints and cracks, the new GARDENA Battery Blower PowerJet Li-18 brings powerful speed and efficiency to outdoor cleaning work.

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