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Drip irrigation systems for precise and efficient watering

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Whether gardeners are growing vegetables in raised beds or flowers on balconies or in beds, perfectly precise drip irrigation can keep gardens going nicely even during dry spells. Irrigation systems – the smart ones are best – can easily be adjusted to specific requirements.

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During previous dry summers, gardeners soon realised what a precious resource water is – even in areas that do not traditionally struggle with water scarcity. Lawns dried out in lots of places, and it was hard to keep up with how often home-grown fruit and vegetables had to be watered. At times like this, smart irrigation systems are an effective way to keep plants healthy and make efficient use of water. 

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There is a temptation to simply turn off the tap and save water when there is a dry spell, but that does not do gardens any good. It is important to remember all the benefits gardens bring people and the planet. A safe haven for nature lovers, they provide shade, store CO2  and regulate the temperature naturally. Respecting the local conditions when choosing what to plant promotes biodiversity, encouraging more wildlife to seek shelter and sustenance in the garden. If a garden is abandoned during dry spells, all these benefits are lost. When it does eventually rain, the dry ground will not be able to absorb the water as effectively as normal and there will be a greater risk of flooding. There are plenty of reasons for gardeners to make sure they are consistently giving their garden what it needs.  

So is it possible to save water while keeping a garden happy? Gardeners can achieve this balance with technology by their side. Smart garden systems can take care of the basics like mowing and watering, leaving gardeners with more time to enjoy their gorgeous green spaces. In fact, networked gardening systems go one step further and give each of the plants what they need.  

Automated, precise, and efficient
Drip irrigation provides plants with the amount of water they need, while minimising evaporation and preventing overwatering and waterlogging. And because fungi are no longer able to settle on wet leaves, the plants are healthier too. Correct irrigation ensures that the nutrients remain in the soil close to the plants’ roots, rather than being washed away into deeper soil layers or even into the groundwater. Another benefit is that the system deters weeds, as the available water is largely absorbed by the cultivated plants and flowers. With automated or even smart drip irrigation in place, gardens can really thrive with healthier plants and a richer harvest. A study carried out by the Institute of Horticulture at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences confirmed this.1 

In combination with the GARDENA smart system, watering and lawn care can be taken care of in one. Garden owners can use the free GARDENA smart app to schedule and control garden irrigation and maintenance directly from their smartphones. To provide plants with the best possible care, the app makes use of the sensor data as well as local weather reports. Watering schedules can also be adapted to allow for the sunrise and sunset times changing drastically throughout the season.  

A system for any garden space
Ever since the GARDENA Micro-Drip-System was released back in 1990, it has been seen as a precise and innovative watering solution. This classic product was updated ahead of the current gardening season to ensure that future generations of gardeners will be able to give their gardens exactly what they need without wasting water. For Carina Horwath, drip irrigation product manager at GARDENA, the highlight of the system is that it makes it easier to be precise and save water. “This water-saving system provides so many benefits. And there is nothing complicated about it. It is now even easier to plan and install the system, which is flexible enough to be extended. Gardeners can save themselves time and have fun in the process,” says Horwath. “There is a starter set suitable for every garden set-up, so the system can be put to use even faster – whether it is on a balcony, on a terrace or in a front garden.”  

All components – old and new – are compatible with each other. The new colour-coding system makes it even easier to get set up. In case of doubt, the
GARDENA Micro-Drip-System Advisor is on hand to find the perfect watering solution for any situation based on the understanding that every area in a garden has different conditions and requirements.  

Precision watering 
Plant pots on balconies and terraces need more water than beds and bushes because there is less soil to absorb and store moisture in pots. The GARDENA Drip Irrigation Terrace Set can take care of up to 30 pot plants with different watering needs on a terrace.  

Flower and vegetable beds are much bigger spaces that are home to all different kinds of plants. Special sets are available for rows of plants and vegetables. They can be used to water shrubs, flower beds and sensitive plants like tomatoes or herbs across an area of up to 15 square metresdirectly at the roots – either under or above the ground. When it comes to larger beds, spray nozzles come in handy, with their fine mist ensuring that watering is even and efficient. 

Smart drip irrigation is the way to give gardens exactly what they need without wasting water. This saves gardeners time and money, while taking another huge step towards natural gardening. 

More information
on efficient water use can be found in the GARDENA e-book Clever Watering and at www.gardena.com/cleverwatering. For more information about the GARDENA smart system, please visit www.gardena.com/smartsystem. 

Study showcases: Richer harvest and healthier plants through automatic irrigation - GARDENA | Online Press Center (media-gardena.com)





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