Spontaneous or scheduled watering?

Watering tips for different types of gardeners and plants

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Every garden and gardener is different – and so is the amount of water each type of plant needs. And there are plenty of ways to water plants. Manually, automatically or via an app: with a garden hose, sprinkler, drip irrigation system or holiday watering solution. Pumps and water meters come in handy too.

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Plants brighten up the world around them but they also filter the air, provide shade, store CO2, regulate the temperature naturally and give gardeners and animals their own safe haven.

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Gardeners do not need a massive garden space to create a gorgeous green haven of their own. Patios and balconies can provide a place to relax and escape from the real world too – just like parks and woods. Studies have shown that regularly spending time outside surrounded by nature has a positive impact on physical and mental health.1 Not to mention that green spaces provide a home for insects, birds and mammals, supporting biodiversity and the conservation of nature. There are so many reasons for gardeners to take pride in their own green havens – whether they come in the form of a garden, patio, balcony or space inside the home. Wherever plants are, it is important to water them based on their needs.

Different watering styles
There are many different types of plants with different needs when it comes to watering. And there are many different types of gardeners too. Some gardeners follow a regular watering approach. Guided by their calendar, they might give their plants some water when they are cleaning their home on a Saturday. This is their time to dust the leaves and pick off any that have dried up. Other gardeners are a bit more spontaneous, relying on occasional watering whenever they remember or notice that their plants are looking a bit dry.

It is not difficult to tell when a plant is in need of more water. When they start to get thirsty, they start to feel a bit limp and their leaves curl up. Without water beyond this point, the rich green of their leaves will begin to fade. Dry and wilted leaves, flower heads and stems are another sure sign that a plant is drying out.

People who can only manage to water their plants occasionally would be best off sticking to plants that can survive longer dry spells. Cacti and succulents would be a good option for inside, while Mediterranean herbs, roses and sedum would be ideal for outside. Root and bulb vegetables would make for a smart choice in vegetable patches. These plants either store the water as and when it does come or have such deep roots that they can reach moist layers of soil deeper down in the ground.

Gardeners with a regular watering habit are best off with ficus, hydrangeas, large tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes. All of these plants need a regular supply of water. Potted plants also have to be topped up frequently because they do not have deep roots and potting soil cannot absorb much moisture. Dwarf conifers, citrus trees and olive trees can dry out quickly, so they need watering regularly too.

Automatic watering as required
Whether gardeners have a sporadic or scheduled approach, plants will be healthier if they are given water as and when they need it. Drip irrigation provides plants with exactly the amount of water they need right where they need it – at the roots. With water being supplied drop by drop, evaporation, overwatering and waterlogging are minimised.

Following a complete overhaul for 2023, the Gardena Micro-Drip-System is even more flexible and even easier to install above or under the ground. It is the perfect way to water hedges and ornamental plants and crops on balconies, on patios and in vegetable beds, raised beds and flower beds with pinpoint accuracy. Sets are available for all use cases and size requirements. And all the elements can be mixed and matched as desired. Another practical benefit is that a drip irrigation system can be set up, disassembled and extended in no time to respond to changes with each gardening season.

More information on efficient water use can be found in the Gardena e-book Clever watering and at www.gardena.com/cleverwatering. Find more ideas for natural gardening in the Gardena e-book Sustainable gardening: tips and inspirations for a colourful garden ecosystem.

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About Gardena
For over 50 years Gardena has provided everything passionate gardeners need. The broad assortment of products offers innovative solutions and systems for watering, lawn care, tree and shrub care and soil cultivation. Today, Gardena is a leading European supplier of high-quality gardening tools and distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide. Gardena is a brand of Husqvarna Group. Gardena Division has 3,450 employees worldwide. Further information on gardena.com.
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